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Shackles make excellent secure, metal to metal and metal to fibre (rope, webbing) connections in the marine environment

Shackles have multiple uses for attachment generally onboard any boat together with significant mooring/anchoring applications.

There are various options and permutations:

  • Hot Dipped Galvanised or Marine Grade Stainless Steel
  • Rated or unrated
  • With manufacturer certificate or without
  • Dee or Bow shape with extra options - Long Dee, Wide Dee, Twisted Dee
  • Standard Pin (protruding twist grip) - Socket Pin (flush fitting) - Shakeproof pin (flush fitting) - Allen Head Pin (flush fitting)

Select the appropriate shackle for your intended use:

  • It is advisable to avoid connecting dissimilar metals, although there are exceptions which are explained in Stainless in contact with Galvanised
  • Choose a manufacturer load rated shackle with test certificate for all load critical applications
  • Select the Dee shape as standard unless the extra articulation offered by the Bow shape is required
  • Select Standard Pin unless the more streamlined flush fitting pin is required to avoid snagging

Shackle Tools and Accessories It is useful to have a shackle key and a marlin spike in the onboard tool or rigging kit for tightening and unfastening stubborn shackle pins. "Every good boatman carries a knife" and there are options to combine a good knife with a shackle key and spike

Wichard Offshore Knife with shackle key and spike

Seizing wire and Loctite are also handy additions to your onboard maintenance arsenal - Critical shackles, especially those that are not easily checked on a regular basis should have the thread locked with an additive such as Loctite and the shackle pin head seized with Monel Wire.

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