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Allen Brothers has evolved over the last 60 years into a modern hi-tech company and although we haven't strayed far from our engineering roots we are now much more than a manufacturer.

Since 2008 we have been marketing and distributing Allen dinghy hardware to customers all over the world. We have a highly technical sales team who are skilled sailors with an in-depth knowledge of our product range.  They work closely with our design team and provide customers with friendly product advice and a fast and efficient processing service. We also have a number of independent sponsored sailors from a variety of classes with whom we work to develop new and innovative products.

Our sales and production teams run the latest MRP software which means stock is efficiently controlled and our warehouse is constantly kept replenished so that we can quickly react to customer requirements.

As designer and manufacturer, our job is to make innovative products that work effectively. Sourcing the best materials which are carefully stored and utilised, employing a highly skilled workforce with the latest manufacturing technologies and having an in-house design and egineering department is where we have the edge over our competitors.

It is our philosophy to strive towards continual improvement and we are open to feedback from our customers. We have the capacity to produce thousands of different products with a huge archive of tooling and the resources to fulfil the requirements of the marine trade and the discerning sailor, from mass production to custom design.

Our products come with a lifetime guarantee.

Allen 30mm Snatch Blocks