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Mooring Swivels

Mooring Swivels are typically used when joining a mooring riser chain to a mooring ground chain and at the upper end to a mooring buoy to allow the riser chain to rotate with the mooring buoy when the yacht swings in the tide, avoiding undesirable twists in the riser chain.

Mooring Swivels are an important safety feature for mooring riser chains because when a mooring chain twists, it applies unnatural strain on the links, which may lead to premature failure and the yacht or boat coming adrift with catastrophic results.

Mooring Swivels also help to prevent mooring chains from becoming entangled and subsequently shortened, which can have a detrimental effect on the integrity of the entire mooring system.

For peace of mind, a swivel with a manufacturer-rated and tested break load is recommended for mooring applications.

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