Cruising Halyards

Cruising Halyards

LIROS Braid on Braid (Top Cruising 00152/01528) - Cover: 20 plait high tensile low stretch polyester cover ~ Core: 100% high tensile low stretch polyester heat set plaited core < 5% Working Load Stretch

LIROS Herkules (01550/01552) - Cover: close weave, abrasion resistant 1:1 spin dyed polyester ~ Core: High tenacity, firm construction, braided polyester core that reduces flattening < 5% Working Load Stretch

Marlowbraid - Cover: Durable 16plait polyester ~ Core: twisted loose lay 3-strand construction that delivers minimum achievable stretch (approximately 4%) without dyneema content

Marlow D2 Club (Cruising Dyneema) Cover: Durable 16plait polyester ~ Core: 12 strand Dyneema SK38 (lower specification than SK78) delivers approximately 2.5-3% stretch

LIROS Dynamic Plus (Cruising Dyneema) Cover: 32plait (8mm 24plait) enhanced twist construction Polyester ~ Core: Plaited Dyneema SK78 with additional inner cover for maximum shape retention < 2% Working Load Stretch

Wire spliced to Rope - stainless steel 7 x 19 KOS wire spliced to LIROS Braid on Braid or Herkules - combines the zero stretch, longevity of wire with the benefits of handling top quality rope tails

The Jimmy Green Rigging Team are happy to splice your existing snap or captive pin shackles onto new halyards.
Simply advise us via email or telephone shortly after ordering and post them to us with a covering note.
If you cannot see your preferred fitting on our website, please ask us to source it for you.

Marlow D2 Competition - now discontinued - Better all round performance than the Marlow replacement D2 Club - Less dyneema content but less expensive than D2 Racing.

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