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Anodes protect the various metal components on a yacht (propellor shaft, keel, rudder, engine) from the deterioration caused by galvanic corrosion.

Galvanic corrosion (also called electrolyte) is the deterioration of metal which occurs when dissimlar metals are joined together by a conductor in an electrically conductive fluid.

The least noble metal (the anode) dissolves while the most noble metal (the cathode) remains protected.

Select the anode metal composition according to the nature of the water:

  • Salt water = zinc anode
  • Fresh water = magnesium anode
  • Brackish (mixture of salt and fresh) water: aluminium anode

Anodes need to be immersed in water and can be fixed to the underside of the hull or on to the engine propeller shaft.

Jimmy Green Marine offer MG Duff Anodes as the most well-respected manufacturer of sacrificial anodes for leisure yachts and boats.

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