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Anchoring Accessories

Jimmy Green Marine offers a wide range of excellent ancillary equipment to complement your anchoring system and enhance your anchoring experience.

The portfolio includes Anchor Stowags Bags, Chain Stoppers, Anchor Connectors, Shackles, Trip Hooks, Retrieval Rings, Bow Rollers and fittings,  Chain Joining Links and Anchor Chain Markers.

Anchor Connectors and Shackles

We offer all the major branded connectors and shackles for connecting your anchor to your chain. Rated components are always recommended for peace of mind at anchor. Your yacht will rely on the integrity of each and every component in your anchor rode.

Anchor Trip Hooks and Rings

Have you ever encountered a problem retrieving your anchor from the seabed? Whether caught under an obstruction, fouled under a ground chain, or simply too physically hard to pull up by hand or even with a windlass motor, carrying a trip hook or a retrieval ring as part of your onboard incident spares kit may be the answer.

Bow Rollers and Fittings

Launching, retrieving, and stowing your anchor over the bow can be a headache. However, we have some excellent solutions from some top brand manufacturers.

Chain Links and Markers

Joining two chains should only be considered if a new continuous chain length is out of the question, and careful measures should be taken to ensure the link has adequate tensile strength. Jimmy Green offers a wide range of different solutions for DIY joints.

Marking your chain at regular, recognisable intervals will help you to judge how much anchor chain to pay out in any anchoring situation.

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Lewmar Chain Stopper
2.5kg Wallet for Dinghy/Dayboat Anchor Kit

Fortress Stowaway Anchor Bag
Green Pin Shackles
Force 7 Grade 70 anchor chain shackle link, showing all three sizes

Chain Markers

Chain Markers

Anchor Lift Ring
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Alderney Ring

Coastline Trip Hook
Jimmy Green Storage and Portage Bag - blue and natural
Ultra flip swivel
Mantus Anchor Guard Port
Kong Swivel Anchor Connector Stainless Steel AISI 316