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Small Boat and RIB Mooring Strops

Mooring Line with Snap Hooks

Small boats and RIBs often utilise a quick attachment fitting as part of their mooring system. This solution reduces complications when securing the boat to a ring on a mooring buoy.

Modern carabiners can be strong enough to form a secure part of the mooring system and also benefit from mitigating abrasion issues associated with a soft attachment. The strop can be shackled to the U-bolt on the front of the hull, or cow hitched on using a soft loop splice, making it ready to deploy.

Single-point mooring strops should be sized according to the permanent mooring guide. A full copy can be found here, please scroll to the section on permanent single-point mooring systems. Mooring Size Guide

Yacht Length Overall Tender < 5 metres 5 - 6 metres 6 - 8 metres
Approximate length in feet < 12 feet < 16 feet 16- 20 feet 20 - 26 feet
Displacement in Tonnes 0.3 tonnes 0.6 tonnes 1 tonnes 2.5 tonnes
Strop Diameter 12mm 14mm 16mm 18mm

Choose from our range of premium large carabiners and splicing options. Please take care to note which options are not suitable for use with thimbles. 

Anchorplait is the optimum solution for swinging moorings:

  • The rope construction precludes the possibility of cockling (unravelling)
  • The splice design is very secure and will not unravel

Use only Anchorplait for swinging moorings because the eight-strand construction will not cockle.

Cockling occurs when a fixed three-strand construction warp is forced to rotate against the direction of the twisted lay, opening up the strands until they distort into 'ears' This will eventually be the case if a yacht continually swings around its mooring 'the wrong way'.

Plain white LIROS Octoplait Nylon article 01058 with only LIROS tracer yarns is also available. Octoplait Nylon features the same 8-strand rope construction as Anchorplait.

LIROS Anchorplait® White Nylon Article 01058JG - 100% Nylon (Polyamide) - Facts, Features and Plus Factors

Anchorplait® is a Jimmy Green Marine UK Registered Trademark.

Anchorplait® is manufactured exclusively by LIROS Ropes for Jimmy Green Marine.

Anchorplait® features Easy Splice Markers designed by the Jimmy Green Rigging Team.


  • 100% Nylon (Polyamide)
  • UV stabilised
  • Square braid construction
  • Non-kinking
  • Balanced braiding
  • The eight-strand construction (two pairs left hand, two pairs right hand) ensures a balanced performance and no twist under tension
  • Falls and flakes like a chain
  • Dependable, robust strength
  • Reliable durability
  • Excellent weathering and wear resistance
  • Remains flexible for the duration of its working life
  • Supreme Shock Absorbing Elongation, >20% working load stretch
  • Spliceable for robust, secure attachment at both ends
  • Sinks

LIROS Anchorplait and Octoplait Nylon Break Load in daN: 12mm 3300daN - 14mm 4400daN - 16mm 5600daN - 18mm 7000daN

LIROS specify their minimum break loads in Dekanewtons (DaN)

Kg force is a more recognisable illustration of strength, so you can convert the LIROS DaN values as follows:

1 Dekanewton = approximately 1.02 kg force

Therefore, the strength for any given diameter will be higher in kg than in daN, e.g. 11800daN = approximately 12036kg

Custom Build Instructions - Mooring Warps and Strops

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Small-boat Strop with Snap Shackle
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Small-boat Strop with Snap Shackle
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Small-boat Strop with Snap Shackle
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Small-boat Strop with Snap Shackle
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Small-boat Strop with Snap Shackle - 16mm x 1.5m