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Running Rigging Accessories

Running Rigging Accessories include a broad range of complementary products designed to facilitate the smooth operation of all your ropes and lines and improve the sail handling capability of your onboard systems.

Barton Sail Handling:

Boom Struts, Single Line Reefing Kits, Slab Reefing Kits and Reefing Gooseneck Hooks.

LazyJacks for Mainsail Handling:

Barton LazyJack Kits LazyJack Rope, purpose designed and engineered by LIROS Yacht Ropes available cut to length, spliced and finished ready to rig or in 50 metre /100m metre Discounted Deals.

Rodkickers and Boomstruts:

Barton Boom Struts Selden Rod Kickers

Sail Handling Accessories:

Helpful aids to smoother running rigging from top brands: Wichard, Karver, Barton, LIROS, Clamcleat and SOAK.

Running Rigging Supplementary Gadgets - Practical extras that make sail handling easier:

  • LIROS and Marlow Dyneema Soft Shackles
  • Halyard Tidies from Barton and SeaSure
  • Jimmy Green Halyard Bags and LIROS Stowage Bags
  • Lashing, Seizing and Lacing Line, Bungies, Rope Stoppers and Doughnuts
  • Dyneema Chafe Protection for halyards and control lines from LIROS and Marlow
  • Lubricants for blocks and sliders
  • Deck Wear Pads from No-Wear and Barton
  • Insulation Tape
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Stoppers / Balls / Parrel Beads
Marlow Dyneema Chafe Sleeve
Jimmy Green Dyneema Spliced Loops
Selden Rodkicker 10
Jimmy Green buckle sail tie blue
LIROS soft shackles
Jimmy Green webbing sail tie sewn loop one end
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Jimmy Green Webbing Soft Shackles with Stainless Steel Ring
Spiroll Rope Protection
Wear And Tear Pads on boat

Selden Halyard Lead 508-159

Double Ball Bungy Sail Ties, pack of 4
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