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Clutches and Organisers

Rope Clutches and Deck Organisers are integral to the successful routing of your halyards and control lines back to the cockpit.

In recent years, these have been fitted as standard on most yacht models, but if your yacht pre-dates the fitting of this deck hardware from new or the system needs some upgrades, we offer a good selection from these popular manufacturing brands: Barton, Spinlock, Harken and Lewmar.

Rope Clutches not only provide excellent grip and control, they are also an excellent line management tool, contributing to the organisation of all the lines that end up cascading into the cockpit.

Rope Clutches Facts and Features:

  • Captive fitting with the line permanently routed
  • Quick lever hold and release
  • One way grip - allows the rope to be pulled through when the lever is down and the clutch is activated
  • Compact casing allows multiple clutches to be positioned side by side
  • Available in single, double or triple configuration
  • Excellent for organising and controlling multiple lines into the cockpit.
  • Sticky labels are available to help line identification
  • Commonly fitted to the coachroof, forward and aft of the cockpit, but also to cockpit coamings
  • Also fitted to masts for line control e.g. halyards (before halyard winch), spinnaker pole uphaul/downhaul

Deck Organisers Facts and Features:

  • Select the number of sheaves according to the number of lines
  • Use in conjunction with a clutch for each line
  • Lead your lines aft along the deck from the mast to the cockpit
  • Fit to the coachroof deck at an angle to turn the lines in the correct direction
  • Barton or Spinlock
  • Available with 2, 3 4, 5 or 6 sheaves

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