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Harken Ratchet Blocks

Harken Carbo Ratchets are the upgraded design of the tried and trusted Hexaratchet range of Harken Ratchet Blocks.

Harken Carbo Ratchets are also available with Power3 Grip Sheaves for increased holding power.

Design Facts, Features and Plus Factors:

  • Densely packed nylon resin side-plates with long-glass fibres contribute to a compact shape with a high strength-to-weight ratio
  • Machined aluminium hard-coat anodised sheaves result in an excellent break load and robust corrosion resistance
  • Sheaves with eight facets (flat angled surfaces) for a hold-fast grip
  • UV-stabilised ball bearings, sheave, and side-plates featuring carbon black offer maximum protection
  • Free-running minimal friction ball bearing sheaves enable fast trimming
  • On / Off switch operable from both sides of the block
  • Clear directional arrows for correct reeving
  • Adjustable cam cleat angle – the arm locking arm plates can be locked in over five different positions to ensure that the cleat is at the right angle for engagement and release
  • Innovative Cheek Design: promotes line-shedding – compact with a small deck mounting footprint and efficient drain holes
  • Superb Holding Power – from 10:1 on 40mm up to 15:1 on 75mm
  • Three sheave diameter options cover a wide range of dinghies, yachts and wind strengths: 40mm, 57mm and 75mm
  • 40mm diameter is ideal for jib sheets and spinnakers where size and weight are critical. Harken part numbers 2608, 2609, and 2614 have on / off switches. The remainder of the range are permanently in ratchet mode.
  • 57mm and 75mm diameter provide precise on/off control with accessible, ergonomic on/off switches accessible on both sides
  • Ideal for Main/Jib/Spinnaker sheets, Traveller and other control lines, Genoa leads, Foreguys, Vangs to name just a few applications – also excellent for fine-tuning

Harken ratchet on off switch Harken ratchet direction

Jimmy Green Carbo Ratchet options include:

  • Single swivel - single swivel with becket
  • Single swivel with becket and adjustable cam cleat
  • Triple swivel with becket and adjustable cam cleat

The complete Harken range is available by special order. Please enquire for price and availability.

Harken Carbo Ratchet Blocks are also available with Power3 Grip Sheaves.

Harken Power3 Ratchet Blocks offer holding power up to twice that of a standard Harken Ratchet Block

Power3 ratchet blocks provide sailors that race small one-designs with increased holding-power options to handle a variety of wind and sea conditions.

Sheet control systems can be fine-tuned by adjusting the holding power and the purchase factor to provide the ideal level of power, responsiveness and grip for all conditions.

Power3 1.5x and 2x extra Grip Ratchet Blocks Facts and Features:

  • The same virtues as the Carbo Ratchet on all aspects of the design and construction with one notable exception - the sheaves
  • Equal excellent break load to the Carbo Ratchet
  • Two sheave diameter options: 57mm and 75mm

The Power3 Difference:

Harken Ratchet Sheaves

  • Power3 1.5x Grip Sheave has a holding power of 15:1 = 1.5 times the holding power of a standard Harken Ratchet block – Titanium (colour) anodised Power3 ratchet 'cog-like' sheave delivers increased holding power with an aggressive grip
  • Power3 2x Grip Sheave has a holding power of 20:1 = twice the holding power of a standard Harken Ratchet block - Silver (colour) anodised Power3 ratchet 'cog-like' sheave provides the ultimate in aggressive grip
  • Power3 Grip Sheave Ratchets are available with a single sheave and swivel shackle head
  • Harken recommend Power3 Grip Sheaves for breezy, puffy conditions to boost holding power and to enable speedy easing when a gust arrives
  • Ideal for: Main/Jib/Spinnaker sheets on dinghies and sportsboats, and control lines on boats of all sizes

Harken Ratchet Blocks - ideas that click - PDF

Harken Manual Ratchet Blocks User Instructions - PDF

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