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Lofrans Grade 40

Lofrans Grade 40 Calibrated Hot Dip Galvanised Anchor Chain

Sourced exclusively from Lofrans, renowned worldwide for their range of top quality windlasses.

Lofrans is based in Monza, Italy.

Lofrans have been producing top quality windlasses for over 50 years and now they have the chain to match. Lofrans

The Lofrans manufacturing process is certified to ISO9001 quality standard

Lofrans Grade 40 Anchor Chain is Proof Load Tested twice during manufacture. The first proof load is conducted while the chain is still in semi-finished form and the second test is conducted after the galvanising process as a final check before it is released for packing onto pallets.

Lofrans Hot Dip Galvanising is a top quality in-house batch process which delivers a galvanising layer thickness ranging from 60 to 120 microns.

Lofrans Grade 40 chain is clearly stamped LFR at regular intervals as testimony to their belief in the quality of their chain

The LFR Logo is hallmarked into the chain using a special stamping machine as shown in the picture:

Lofrans Hallmark Stamping

Lofrans Chain Diagram

Lofrans Grade 40 Anchor Chain Specifications and Dimensions
6mm DIN766 6.0mm 18.5mm 80mm 8mm 600kg 12.0kN 24.0kN 25.5kN
8mm DIN766 8.0mm 24.1mm 27.2mm 11.1mm 1100kg 21.5kN 43.0kN 45.6kN
10mm DIN766 10mm 28mm 34mm 14mm 1690kg 33.8kN 67.6kN 69.6kN
10mm ISO4565 10mm 30mm 34.5mm 14.5mm 1690kg 33.8kN 67.6kN 69.6kN
12mm ISO4565 12.0mm 36.0mm 39.6mm 15.6mm 2400kg 48.0kN 96.0kN 99.2kN

WLL = Working Load Limit PL = Proof Load MBL = Minimum Break Load  ABL = Actual Break Load

1Kn Force = 101.972Kg Break Load

e.g. MBL 24Kn = a break load of approximately 2447kg

Jimmy Green Quality Control and Accountability Process for Anchor Chain

Every length of Lofrans chain is quality checked when it arrives into stock, labelled with the manufacturer, the date received to create a corresponding batch number. The apprpriate batch number is then recorded at each point of sale. Every chain order is therefore traceable and accountable to the manufacturer Test Certificate.

A copy of the corresponding Lofrans Test Certificate is available with your order on request

Our Delivery charge is based on the total weight on a pallet and the delivery destination Zip Code. The Freight cost is calculated in the basket and assumes a UK Mainland delivery address until you are signed in with your registered delivery zip code

You are welcome to collect from our Chandlery Store to save this cost.

Lofrans New Galvanising Advisory

Occasionally new chain may have little marks which look like the galvanising is missing. However, hot dip galvanising is not a coating but a chemical fusion. The process is explained in detail in this article: How Galvanising Works   These flaws are therefore most likely caused by a tiny bit of impurity contamination in the galvanising process.

Lofrans attest that these blemishes will not have a detrimental affect on the effectiveness or longevity of the galvanising on their chain.
The picture below shows a single mark on this Lofrans galvanising:

Lofrans galvanising flaw

Please take note of our information on galvanising performance based on experience: Jimmy Green Galvanising Expectations and Performance Advisory

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