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LIROS D-Pro XTR Splicing - Cow Hitch Loop
LIROS D-Pro XTR Splicing - Small Eye Splice

The Jimmy Green Professional Finish for LIROS D Pro XTR

Available from 2.5mm to 12mm diameter

Subject to the current splicing lead time SERVICE INFORMATION


More Information

The Jimmy Green Rigging Team Professional Finish for 100% Dyneema 12 Strand Construction Lines

You can purchase a number of different professional finishes for your Dyneema 12-strand construction lines:

  • Soft eye splice
  • Cow hitch loop splice
  • Stainless steel thimble eye splice
  • heavy duty stainless steel thimble eye splice
  • Welded bar stainless steel thimble eye splice
  • Low friction ring eye splice
  • Colligo terminal eye splice
  • Blue Wave wheel eye splice
  • Adjustable tension loop splice
  • Centre eye splice
  • Backsplice
  • Whipping