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Marlow V12 Splicing - Small eye splice
Marlow V12 Splicing - Small eye splice

The Jimmy Green Professional Finish for Marlow V12 Dyneema.

Available for sizes 2.5mm to 6mm.

Please refer to the table below for thimble part numbers associated with splices.


More Information
Diameter Heavy Duty With Bar Low Friction ring Colligo Thimble Wheel
2.5mm TMS-6234-4003 x BA60449 x BW-RP1105
3mm TMS-6234-4003 x BA60450 x "
4mm TMS-6234-4004 x BA60451 x BW-RP1106
5mm TMS-6234-4006 x " CSS70 BW-RP1108
6mm TMS-6234-4006 x " " BW-RP1110
7mm x BW-119909 BA60452 CSS71 x
8mm x " " " x
9mm x " " " x
10mm x BW-119910 BA60453 CSS72 x
11mm x " " " x
12mm x BW-119912 BA60454 " x
13mm x " " " x
14mm x BW-119914 " CSS73 x