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MF Grade 40

MF Grade 40 Hot Dip Galvanised Calibrated Anchor Chain with Enhanced Solid Zinc Hot Dip Galvanising

Jimmy Green Marine MF40 is sourced exclusively and directly from MF Catenificio Frigerio, a modern chain manufacturing plant in Italy.

MF Catenificio manufacture, hot dip galvanise and proof test their MF40 chain in their cutting edge, research, test and production facility. The whole enterprise is located in Olginate, near Lecco, Lake Como, Italy.

The proof load testing process ensures that each individual weld has been completed successfully.

MF Catenificio

A Test Certificate is available for your specific length of chain on request.

MF Calibrated Anchor Chain features enhanced Solid Zinc Galvanising treatment with greater micron depth and longer lasting corrosion resistance.

MF Solid Zinc Galvanising

MF have developed a Solid Zinc Galvanising treatment in conjunction with the standard hot dip galvanising process.

Solid Zinc Galvanising is an MF duplex treatment where both aspects of the process are hot dip molten zinc galvanisation.

The consolidated, faultless coverage, increased micron depth and improved fusion layer adhesion can extend the working life of the galvanising by up to 25%.

Solid Zinc Galvanising is proven to increase resistance to corrosion by up to 25% compared with standard galvanising.

The exterior finish generally has a more aesthetically pleasing, homogeneous chromatic appearance than standard hot dip galvanising.

However, even the Solid Zinc galvanising process is not infallible.

Flaws and blemishes can occur, but the deeper fusioning effect of the duplex treatment should provide reassurance.

Solid Zinc Features and Benefits:

  • Improved outer surface "Eta" Layer with 25% more zinc giving better protection to the next "Zeta" layer
  • Excellent galvanising coverage despite the awkward nature of the process experienced by all manufacturers with chain linkage.
  • Smooth, brilliant zinc finish with less blemishes than normal (chrome like appearance)
  • Reduced white oxidisation during its first exposure to the elements, due to longer lasting passivation
  • MF standard hot dip galvanising is normally to a minimum 80 microns, but the Solid Zinc process boosts that depth.
  • The enhanced coverage resulting from Solid Zinc Galvanising extends the effective protection against rust degradation in a marine environment.

N.B. All minimum micron thickness values are subject to variables and therefore dependent on the size of the chain, so micron depth figures are not specific.

MF Solid Zinc Galvanising Chart

This graph illustrates the relationship between the enhanced micron coverage of Solid Zinc Galvanising and the resistance to corrosion i.e. rust in terms of longevity/endurance in a marine environment. Solid Zinc galvanising is available up to and including 14mm diameter chain.

The entire MF chain manufacturing process has Lloyds Register approval to the ultimate ISO 9001 quality standard: MF Lloyds Register approval to ISO 9001

Please take note of our information on galvanising performance based on experience: Jimmy Green Galvanising Expectation and Performance Advisory

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