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Seago Liferafts

5 good reasons to choose a Seago Liferaft

  1. ISO Approval
  2. 18 year warranty
  3. Fixed Price Servicing
  4. Discount Servicing Scheme
  5. Parachute Flares

All Seago Liferafts are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9650 regulations.

ISO is the all encompassing standard for leisure yachts.

ISO is an acronym for International Organisation for Standardisation.

The ISO standard has been adopted by World Sailing in their World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations.

Prior to 2015, World Sailing was known as the International SAiling Federation.

Both the Royal Ocean Racing Club (RORC) and the World Cruising Club (WCC) adopt the World Sailing regulations in their rules and/or recommendations. The World Cruising Club is well known for organising a series of Offshore and Ocean rallies, most prominently the ARC (Atlantic Cruising Rally)

World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations 2022-2023 

Seago Sea Cruiser = ISO 9650-2 Seago Sea Master = ISO 9650-1

All Seago liferafts now come with an 18 year extended manufacturer warranty - subject to registering the raft and adhering to the Seago servicing schedule.

Seago have fixed their service prices so that you know your obligations in advance. Seago also offer a discount scheme on your first 3 services = at 3, 6 and 9 years. Seago liferafts contain 2 red parachute flares as standard, where most other rafts only contain hand held flares. Seago Liferafts are designed and manufactured by Seago Yachting with their renowned attention to detail and quality control, to guarantee a safety product finished to a meticulously high standard.

Seago Liferafts are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9650 regulations. The Seago Sea Cruiser Liferaft is manufactured to ISO 9650-2 = the all encompassing standard for leisure yachts. The Seago Sea Master Liferaft is manufactured to ISO 9650-1 which covers ISAf and RORC requirements. N .B. An exta pack will be required for organised Ocean Cruising e.g The ARC Seago Liferaft Catalogue

Seago liferafts feature an 18 year warranty and fixed price servicing so that you know your costs in advance: Seago Liferaft Servicing

Seago Service Rebate Offer, subject to registering your raft:

  • 1st Service - 3 Year Service £50 Discount
  • 2nd Service - 6 Year Service £65 Discount
  • 3rd Service - 9 Year Service £75 Discount

For more details: Liferaft Servicing Discount Scheme

Seago Liferaft Service Workshop

Seago will take back your old liferaft and scrap it free of charge, including the ethical disposal of the non bio-degradable or hazardous parts:

Seago Scrappage and Disposal Scheme for old liferafts

Seago 18 year liferaft warranty

Seago Liferaft Servicing:

Jimmy Green Marine are part of an extensive network of service dealers who can arrange Seago Liferaft Servicing.

Seago Yachting are the official service agent for all Seago liferafts and lifejackets. Seago have highly trained technicians working in a controlled liferaft servicing environment.

Drop your liferaft off at Jimmy Green Marine or we can arrange collection by carrier throughout the UK and EU. After the liferaft service is completed we can arrange collection from Jimmy Green Marine or a courier delivery service back to your home or yacht throughout the UK and EU.

Registering your Seago Liferaft is very important: Registration of your liferaft extends the manufacturer warranty from 1 year to 18 years as long as you adhere strictly to the Seago liferaft servicing schedule.

Seago Yachting Ltd will securely store your customer details together with the serial number etc. of your liferaft as a helpful record for the MCA, RNLI or any other emergency service. This traceability information can also prevent costly false alarms.

Video on how to inflate and board a Seago liferaft Video on how to right an upturned Seago Liferaft

Packaging - Crate for Life

'Crate for Life’ is now the packaging for all Seago liferafts. Produced from 100% Recycled Plastic, it reduces waste and additional packaging materials as the crate is stronger and more robust.

Benefits of the ‘Crate for Life’

  • Crates stack better for transportation
  • Can be re-used
  • Greater proctection during transit - reduces the risk of damage
  • 100% Recycled Plastic - reduces the carbon footprint compared to carboard/plastic packaging
  • The crate is a safe place to store your liferaft during the off season

Seago Liferaft - Crate for life

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Seago Sea Cruiser Offshore Liferaft ISO 9650-2
Seago Sea Master ISO 9650-1 Pack 2 Liferaft