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Schaefer Snapfurl

for Yachts from 16 to 24 feet

Unique 2-part foil snaps together

Excellent Trailer sailer solution

Lightweight and strong

Allow 2-3 weeks lead time


More Information

The CF-500 is the result of innovative Schaefer design and engineering, featuring a unique interlocking Round Geon (tm) PVC foil that allows for DIY installation over an existing headstay with no modifications.

Snapfurl CF-500 Facts, Features and Plus Factors:

  • Lightweight, extremely robust furling system for yachts up to 24 feet LOA (c 7.4m)

  • Composite 2-part flexible extrusion - snaps together around the forestay complete with luff groove

  • Reinforced injection moulded Torque Tube and Upper Swivel for incredible strength and lightness

  • Bearings - Double race of Torlon(tm) 3/8” ball bearings on the lower drum (= 40) and upper swivel (= 31)

  • Top Performance Torlon bearings – long lasting,  low effort reefing

  • Extrusion - One 31 foot length (c 9.5m) of single groove moulded to suit size #5 luff tape

  • Drum diameter = 2 inches (c 50mm)

  • Line Capacity: 25 feet (c 7.6m) 6mm line or 19 feet (c 5.8m) 8mm line

  • Bearings: 3/8" (9.5mm) Torlon (tm) ball bearings. (31) in upper swivel (40) in lower drum

  • Flexible extrusions can be coiled for reasonable transportation/shipping

  • Flexible Foils facilitate mast lowering and stepping

  • Excellent solution for trailer sailers

The kit comes with all the basic parts required to assemble the unit including:

  • Aft foil

  • Forward foil

  • Head Swivel

  • Drum unit

  • Halyard restrainer

  • Top cap

  • Top cap screws (3)

  • 7/32 shackles (3)

  • Allen key

  • Cardboard tube

  • Turnbuckle retaining clip