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Marlow Pro Drive
Marlow ProDrive
Marlow ProDrive
Marlow Pro Drive
Marlow Pro Drive

Specifically designed to transfer torque down the length of the line

Ideal for top down and straight luff furlers

Terminate with a clamp, not included

Sold by the whole metre - Fittings not included


More Information

Marlow PRODRIVE 2.0 is the engineered evolution of the original and successful Marlow ProDrive 1.0
Version2.0 features a number of improvements to both the core and the cover delivering improved performance with enhanced rigidity/stiffness without increasing the cost.

Version 2.0 Core Upgrade: The original central high modulus aramid has been replaced with a braided firm-filler core.
This gives the centre of the rope more rigidity and durability with the additional benefit that it will not knuckle when bent.
The new braided fime-filler core is covered with a secondary load bearing aramid inner sheath.

Version 2.0 Double Jacket Upgrade: First Jacket - aramid fibre to carry torsional load, Second Jacket upgraded from polyester to a newly developed black Dyneema® 

Line Diameter  9mm 11mm 13mm 15mm
Weight per 100m 8.1kg 11.6kg 15.2kg 25kg
Average Breakload  4390kg 6560kg 7870kg 13100kg
Minimum Breakload  3950kg 5900kg 7090kg 11800kg
Colour Black Black Black Black

Marlow ProDrive 2.0 Plus Factors: