Marlow ProDrive 2.0

Specifically designed to transfer torque down the length of the line - Ideal for top down and straight luff furlers -Easy to terminate with a clamp

Sold by the metre - Fittings not included

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Total Weight: kg

Total Length: m

Marlow PRODRIVE 2.0 is the engineered evolution of the original and successful Marlow ProDrive 1.0
Version2.0 features a number of improvements to both the core and the cover delivering improved performance with enhanced rigidity/stiffness without increasing the cost.

Version 2.0 Core Upgrade: The original central high modulus aramid has been replaced with a braided firm-filler core.
This gives the centre of the rope more rigidity and durability with the additional benefit that it will not knuckle when bent.
The new braided fime-filler core is covered with a secondary load bearing aramid inner sheath.

Version 2.0 Double Jacket Upgrade: First Jacket - aramid fibre to carry torsional load, Second Jacket upgraded from polyester to a newly developed black Dyneema® 

Line Diameter 9mm11mm13mm15mm
Weight per 100m8.1kg11.6kg15.2kg25kg
Average Breakload 4390kg6560kg7870kg13100kg
Minimum Breakload 3950kg5900kg7090kg11800kg

Marlow ProDrive 2.0 Plus Factors:

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