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Selden Single Ball Bearing 403-101-01
Selden Single Ball Bearing 403-101-01

Selden BBB30 ball bearing blocks

Ideal for control lines on dinghies and keelboats

Also ideal for leechlines on yachts


More Information

The Selden BBB30 is available for a range of applications.

BBB30 comes with:

  • Stainless Steel ball bearing races
  • Stainless Steel ball bearings & glass fibre reinforced sheave for best bearing strength under high dynamic loads
  • Acetal bearing cage to reduce ball on ball friction and weight
  • Glass fibre reinforced composite.
  • Cheek blocks require M4 Fixings.
  • Shackles have 4mm pins
Description Part No. SWL BL Max Line Size
Single Strap 403-101-02R 200kg 400kg 8mm
Single Becket Strap 403-101-13R 200kg 400kg 8mm
Single Swivel 403-101-01R 200kg 400kg 8mm
Single Swivel Becket 403-101-03R 200kg 400kg 8mm
Tie on 403-101-08R 200kg 400kg 8mm
Single Stand-up 403-101-12R 200kg 400kg 8mm
Double 403-101-04R 400kg 800kg 8mm
Double Becket 403-101-05R 400kg 800kg 8mm
Triple 403-101-06R 600kg 1200kg 8mm
Triple Becket 403-101-10R 600kg 1200kg 8mm
Triple Becket Cam 403-101-07R 600kg 1200kg 8mm
Triple Cam 403-101-11R 600kg 1200kg 8mm
Cheek 403-101-09R 200kg 400kg 8mm
Clew Ring 403-101-14R 200kg 400kg 8mm

SWL = Selden Safe Working Load
BL = Selden Break Load

  • Block Size - 30 mm
Selden Snap Shackle
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