Selden Ball Bearing Block 30mm BBB30

The Selden BBB30 is a ball bearing block ideal for control lines on dinghies & keelboats and leechlines on yachts.

£ 17.19 VAT incl.

£ 19.10


The Selden BBB30 is available for a range of applications.

BBB30 comes with:

Stainless Steel ball bearing races
Stainless Steel ball bearings & glass fibre reinforced sheave for best bearing strength under high dynamic loads
Acetal bearing cage to reduce ball on ball friction and weight
Glass fibre reinforced composite.
Cheek blocks require M4 Fixings.
Shackles have 4mm pins. 

Description Part No. BL SWL Max Line Size
Single Strap 403-101-02R 200kg 400kg 8mm
Single Becket Strap 403-101-13R 200kg 400kg 8mm
Single Swivel 403-101-01R 200kg 400kg 8mm
Single Swivel Becket 403-101-03R 200kg 400kg 8mm
Tie on 403-101-08R 200kg 400kg 8mm
Single Stand-up 403-101-12R 200kg 400kg 8mm
Double 403-101-04R 400kg 800kg 8mm
Double Becket 403-101-05R 400kg 800kg 8mm
Triple 403-101-06R 600kg 1200kg 8mm
Triple Becket 403-101-10R 600kg 1200kg 8mm
Triple Becket Cam 403-101-07R 600kg 1200kg 8mm
Triple Cam 403-101-11R 600kg 1200kg 8mm
Cheek 403-101-09R 200kg 400kg 8mm
Clew Ring 403-101-14R 200kg 400kg 8mm