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Harken 16mm Block 404

Harken 16mm Block 404

Single, Double and Triple 16mm blocks

Available with or without becket.

Perfect for small synthetic control lines found on high tech dinghies


More Information

Features hardened stainless steel inner race for maximum strength to weight ratio and high strength stainless steel sideplates to distribute the load evenly.

It is perfect for small synthetic control lines found on high tech dinghies.

For use with dinghy control lines, big boat leach lines, downhauls, traveller controls, spinnaker pole trip lines, outhauls, cunninghams and halyards on prams.

Harken can supply spare O rings.

Item Weight Break Load Safe Load Line Dia Part No
Single – Fixed 10g >544kg 250kg 5mm 404
Single – Fixed - Becket 12g 544kg 250kg 5mm 405
Forkhead Block 11g 544kg 113kg 5mm 376
Single Swivel Blocks 18g 339kg 113kg 5mm 417
Single Block with Eyestrap 12g 544kg 113kg 5mm 442
Double Block 27g 544kg 204kg 5mm 406
Double Block With Becket 28g 544kg 204kg 5mm 407
Triple Fixed Block 41g 544kg 318kg 5mm 408
Triple Fixed Block With Becket 43g 544kg 318kg 5mm 409
Fixed Cheek Block 113kg 544kg 12g 5mm 416
Pivot Cheek Block 544kg 113kg 11g 5mm 432
Hook in Halyard Block 544kg 113kg 13g 5mm 391
Narrow Ferrule Head Block 339kg 113kg 12g 4mm 467
Flip-Flop Block 544kg 113kg 21g 5mm 437
Thru-deck Block 544kg 113kg 18g 5mm 421
Double Thru-deck block 544kg 113kg 27g 5mm 368
  • Block Size - 16 mm