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Stainless Steel Carabiner
 stainless steel carabiner without eye

Also known as Carbine Hooks

Traditional symmetrical/oval shape

Spring loaded closure

Select by length, with or without eye insert

Material thickness (bar diameter) chart below


More Information

Stainless steel carabiners are a traditional symmetrical, oval shape, manufactured from marine grade stainless in a wide range of sizes determined by the length overall.

Carabiner Facts and Features:

  • Traditional symmetrical, oval shape
  • Available with or without stainless steel eye insert
  • The eyelet can be pressed out if required
  • Spring loaded retaining lock - pivots on a small bar with teeth that fit neatly together
  • Smooth profile
  • All manner of onboard uses
  • Excellent addition to onboard spares kit

The term carabiner is derived from the expression 'carbine hook' which was originally a hook to attach a strap to a rifle.

'Carbine Hook' is still a common name for any snap hook of this nature.

Carabiner Specifications
Without Eye With Eye Length Diameter Eye Diameter * Aperture/Opening
APL-SSC05 APL-SSCE05 50mm 5mm 7mm 7mm
APL-SSC06 APL-SSCE06 60mm 6mm 8mm 9mm
APL-SSC07 APL-SSCE07 70mm 7mm 9mm 8mm
APL-SSC07 APL-SSCE08 80mm 8mm 9mm 9mm
APL-SSC10 APL-SSCE10 100mm 10mm 12mm 12mm
APL-SSC11 APL-SSCE11 120mm 11mm 16mm 16mm
APL-SSC12 APL-SSCE12 140mm 12mm 18mm 17mm

Diameter = the material thickness or bar diameter
Eye Diameter* refers to the dimension for a carabiner with eye insert fitted
Aperture/Opening = the available gap when locking bar is fully open