Types of Rope Splices

3 Strand Rope Splices

3 Strand Soft Loop Splice

3 Strand Soft Loop Splice

3 Strand Loop Splice with Anti Chafe Webbing

3 Strand Thimble Eye Splice

3 Strand Thimble Eye Splice

Small 3 Strand Loop Splice

3 Strand Small Loop Splice

3 Strand Whipping

3 Strand Whipping

3 Strand Back Splice

3 Strand Backsplice

3 Strand Spliced to Chain

Rope Spliced to Chain

Braid on Braid Rope Splices

Eye Splice with Thimble

Eye Splice

Brain on Braid Long Joining Splice

Whipping with Liros Ribbon


Heat Shrink

Core Dependent Eye Splice

Core Dependent Cover Stripped Eye Splice

Core Dependent Eye Spice with Thimble

8 Strand Anchorplait/Octoplait Rope Splices

Loop Splice

11 links Anchorplait Spliced to Chain

1 link Spiced to Chain

8 Strand Back Splice

Centre Eye Splice

Centre Eye Splice with Thimble

12 Strand Rope Splices

Eye Splice

Eye Splice with Thimble

Stitch Whipping Eye Splice