Bespoke Anchoring Packages

Team Jimmy Green can offer you individual guidance in assembling a complete anchoring system, not just based on your yacht specification, but also your cruising ambitions, including your anticipated and worst-case scenario anchoring conditions.

Under special circumstances, we may also be able to offer a small extra discount when purchasing a complete anchoring "Package".

This may relate to the amount that you spend, but mainly depends on your choice of component parts because the room for manoeuvre on price adjustment will differ from product to product.

Start by assessing your current Anchoring System.

An appraisal of your current set-up is an excellent way to start your upgrade plan.

Team Jimmy Green recommend this article because it prompts all the right questions:

Jimmy Green Anchoring Assessment

What needs upgrading and should it be included in my Anchoring Package ?

An Anchoring system comprises every individual part of the anchor rode from the windlass to the bitter end including the components to safely set, snub, retrieve and stow the anchor.

The anchor, chain, warp and all the connecting swivels, shackles and splicing form the basics of the system.

Windlasses, chain stoppers, chain grips and grabbers, snubbing strops bridles can then be specified to control the associated loads.

Any Anchor System is only as strong as the weakest link, so all the constituent parts need to be comparable in strength. The increased holding power of modern anchors also means that all the joining elements are subjected to higher loads than ever before.

Jimmy Green Marine recommend that you consider only chain, warp and connectors with genuine provenance and a manufacturer published load rating. We have a wide array of options for you to assess before making your final decision.

You may be considering the purchase of a completely new anchoring set-up or just a part of it - any substantial multiple-product combination of anchoring products may be considered, depending on the total order value.

Rope, Anchor and Chain - Anchor Packages

Do your research

There is a wealth of information on which should help you to narrow down your ideas to a point where Team Jimmy Green can take you through suitable options and help you to make a final decision.

Ask Questions

Ask us any question, but bear in mind we can only answer based on the more information that can give us, so please let us have as many details as possible.

Important Decision Factors:

  • Yacht Length, Displacement, Windage and any other aspect of the yacht specification else that may affect the norm.
  • Your cruising intentions, the corresponding anticipated anchoring depth and sea-bed conditions
  • The worst-case anchoring scenario.
  • The amount of time you intend to spend at anchor, especially unattended
  • The degree of dependency on your anchoring system for the safe keeping of yacht and crew

Tell us your ideas:

Simply fill in the Contact form with details and we will respond.

Please include details of your boat length overall, displacement, current set-up, desired set-up and the type of sailing that you intend as outlined above.

Our guidance will be based on your information - more details should lead to a more considered solution.

Knowledge Centre - Anchoring Information

Arranging Delivery

An anchoring package will almost certainly be heavy, and our freight charges are calculated to reflect the carrier cost.

We don't charge for packing, but please bear in mind that preparing a windlass, an anchor and a long length of chain spliced to rope will take time and care to splice and prepare for despatch to ensure that it arrives safely at your chosen delivery destination.

You will need to consider where it will be most convenient to accept delivery, bearing in mind that it will almost certainly be very heavy and arrive on a pallet which will need unpacking on the lorry if it doesn’t have a tail lift.