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Lewmar Contactor Guide

Lewmar offer a wide selection of contactors, also known as relays or control boxes, for their windlass models.
Lewmar contactors are available in these formats for both 12 volt and 24 volt power supply:

We have compiled this Lewmar Contactor chart to help you select the right one for your installation.

Lewmar Contactor Chart
Contactors Lewmar Windlass Model
Lewmar part numberSealed UnitPower SupplyVX1VX/RX2/3VX1LCPX0CPX1CPX2/3CPX4V700V1V2/3V4V5V6HX1PRO-SERIES FISH 700PRO-SERIES FISH 1000PRO-SPORT
68000937 Compact Dual 12V
68000938 Compact Dual 24V
68000318 Dual 12V
68000319 Dual 24V
68000939 Compact Dual 12V
68000320 Dual 12V
68000321 Dual 24V
Boxed UnitPower Supply
18000301 Single 12V
18000302 Single 24V
68000129 Dual 12V
68000130 Dual 24V
18000200 Dual 12V
18000237 Dual 24V

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