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Insulated 1x19 Wire Backstays

The Jimmy Green Rigging Team produce insulated backstays to order ~ Insulators from both top brands, Stalok and Petersen are available.

Please enquire by email for Insulated 1x19 wire backstays.

insulated 1x19 backstay

Insulated 1x19 wire backstays are used to create an antenna for your VHF. Two insulators need to be inserted into the main 1x19 stainless steel wire section of the backstay to achieve insulation of a central section. Typically, the lower insulator should be no higher than 2 metres from the deck. This ensures that the cable from the VHF can be attached to the insulated wire at a convenient height for inspection and maintenance. The insulated wire section needs to be a minimum of 7 metres long but no longer than 15 metres. Finally, the upper insulator needs to be a minimum of 1 metre from the masthead to keep it clear of all masthead fittings. Therefore the final product will feature 3 wires and two insulator bodies. The central wire will have a swage stud with short thread each end. The upper and lower wires will have a short swage stud on one end and the appropriate terminal for deck/masthead on the other.

Jimmy Green Marine source stainless steel 1x19 wire rope for insulated backstays from Seago Yachting, one of the official UK distributors of KOS wire. KOS Stainless Steel Wire Rope, manufactured using 316 marine grade stainless steel to 1.4401 is recognised throughout the world for its superior quality and has an outstanding reputation for suitability in a marine environment for Sailboat Standing Rigging. Jimmy Green Marine operate a strict accountability process for every reel of wire that the Jimmy Green Rigging Team use and record the corresponding batch number on every rigging order.

Traceability is an important feature of the Jimmy Green assurance policy: STAINLESS STEEL WIRE - QUALITY CONTROL AND CARE

You can therefore be reassured that your insulated backstays will only be made up from top quality fully accredited KOS wire. All wire terminals are roller swaged onto the wire using Wiretechnik Roller Swaging Technology.

Specifying lengths:

Please enquire by email for Insulated 1x19 wire backstays.