Mooring Warp Configuration

Approximate Proportional Lengths - Tidal range may lengthen the requirement.

Warps on floating pontoons can be spliced and finished to suit the position of onboard and pontoon cleats/bollards.

Custom Build Mooring Warps to your bespoke requirements online on the Jimmy Green website.

If you have any difficulty, the Jimmy Green Rigging Sales team will be happy to assist you make up your order.

  1. Head Rope or Bow Line = 11/2 - 2 x LOA
  2. Breast Rope = 3/4 x LOA
  3. After Spring = 11/4 x LOA
  4. Forward Spring = 11/4 x LOA
  5. Quarter Rope = 3/4 x LOA
  6. Stern Rope = 11/2 - 2 x LOA

NB. 2 extra extra long warps to reach the pontoon may be required when rafted out on multiple yachts.

Mooring Lines Diagram

Jimmy Green Mooring Lines Diagram