Marlow 8mm MGP Furler 50 Continuous Sheet and Control Line


Marlow MGP Furler 50 is designed specifically so that the ends can be spliced together to form an endless loop with no increase in diameter at the splice.

Our stock colour is currently Red - select the Furler Continuous Splice to have the rope spliced into a loop.

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Marlow MGP Furler 50 has a snakeskin Vectran/Polyester blended cover and a braided (sacrificial) polypropylene core.

The overall rope colour is therefore a mix of natural vectran (off white) and your selected colour.

Email your preference if there is a choice listed above.

Cover: 16 or 24 plait full colour Polyester blended with natural Vectran
Core: (sacrificial) Polypropylene

N.B. Select the Furler Continuous Splice to have the rope spliced into a continuous loop.

The length you select will be the finished length of the continuous loop.

e.g. 12 metres finished length will be 6 metres long when pulled out (double) straight along the deck.

If you intend to do the splice yourself, select Not Required and add approximately 1 metre to the rope length to complete the splice.

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