Clearance Harken SpeedGrip Winch Handles

8 inch or 10 inch handle length

Universal international standard fit

Integral locking mechanism

Palm grip for light load use

Extra grip for two handed grinding

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£ 106.90


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Harken Speedgrip Winch Handles are robust with low-friction ball bearings for all-round ergonomic efficiency in all conditions from light airs to seriously strong breezes

Harken's unique 'SpeedGrip' is designed and engineered for ergonomic single handed spinning of the winch at high revs when resistance is low and double-handed rotary action when the traction demands.

Speedgrip Design Features:

  • Universal - fits any internationally recognised brand of winch
  • Integral locking mechanism
  • Easy, ergonomic engagement and release with a thumb switch
  • Ball bearing grip that efficiently transmits power into the winch
  • Unique grip allows low load fast cranking using the palm downwards and powerful double-handed grinding when the load increases

Longer Handle = Leverage = Power versus Shorter Handle = Speed and Convenience:
10 inch handles provide more power than 8 inch handles due to their longer leverage, but the shorter version is quicker to rotate under light loads, and less restricted by other deck hardware within the swinging circle.

Harken Speedgrip Winch Handle Diagram

HarkenLength AHeight BElevation CWeight