Barton Size 5 Ball Bearing Blocks - 12mm

Clearance Barton Size 5 Ball Bearing Blocks - 12mm

Suitable for 12mm line

for serious cruising yachts

Stylish and Versatile

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£ 53.30


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Barton Size 5 Ball Bearing Blocks are stylish, versatile, high-load rugged-construction cruiser blocks
The range features high quality injection moulded side plates and 316 grade stainless steel load-bearing components with through-bolted and riveted side plates for added strength and security.

Compatible with Barton ball-bearing mainsheet traveller systems.
A comprehensive range of cam cleat, fiddle and fiddle/cam cleat versions are available.

Sheave Dimensions: Single 54mm x 17mm, Fiddle 38/64mm x 17mm  
Maximum rope diameter 12mm
SWL 750Kg 
Maximum rolling load (ball bearing blocks) 525kg 

Barton Advisory:
Where break and safe working loads are stated, it is assumed that all sheaves are evenly loaded as in a purchase tackle.
Uneven loading, or loading of one sheave in a double or triple block, will severely affect strength quoted.
Maximum rolling load on ball bearing blocks is the maximum free running load before ball bearings will distort.

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