Lahna Mahogany Hardwood Ensign Flag Staff - 65cm, 80cm

Top Quality Finnish mahogany hardwood

Lenght: 65cm or 80cm

Produced in Finland by Lahnakoski

Integral mahogany truck and wooden cleat

Built-in roller in the truck

Fits 25mm socket

Finished with special varnish

£ 37.00 inc VAT

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Top Quality Finnish Flagstaffs in mahogany hardwood.

Facts and Features:

  • a solid mahogany truck (head) with a built-in sheave for the halyard
  • a mahogany hardwood cleat
  • Beautifully finished with special varnish

The pole is tapered from approximately 30mm by the cleat to 17mm just below the truck.
Each staff has a machined base approximately 55mm long x 25mm diameter to fit a 25mm socket (This can be shortened if necessary)

Length Selection Guide:
65cm - 1/2 or 3/4 yard
80cm - 3/4 or 1 yard
100cm - 1 or 11/4 yard
125cm - 11/2 or 2 yard

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