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Hamma Regatta Threaded Eyes

Hamma Regatta Threaded Eyes

Marine grade 316 stainless steel

High corrosion resistance

Manufactured to exceed hamma™ Pro Strand and Compact Strand Break Load

Left Hand and Right Hand thread options


More Information

Hamma™ Regatta Turnbuckle Components are manufactured to match the enhanced break load of Hamma™ Regatta Standard 1x19 and Compact Strand Wire - Hamma claim their Regatta wires are up to 30% higher strength than competing brands 

Hamma™ manufacture their marine grade stainless steel components in their expansive, state-of-the-art factory in Thailand. 

Hamma™ have a highly skilled engineering team dedicated to the design of tensile stainless steel solutions.

The Hamma™ production team undertake every step in the manufacturing process under strict quality control to ISO 9001:2008 with ISO 17025 certification.

Hamma Regatta Threaded Eyes

Hamma Regatta Threaded Eye Dimensions
Hamma LH Hamma RH Description A B C L
HM-THE-05L HM-THE-05R Threaded Eye 5/16 8.5mm 7.2mm 10mm 90mm
HM-THE-06L HM-THE-06R Threaded Eye 3/8 9.8mm 9mm 11mm 105mm
HM-THE-07L HM-THE-07R Threaded Eye 7/16 11.5mm 10.2mm 15mm 129mm
HM-THE-08L HM-THE-08R Threaded Eye 1/2 13.2mm 12mm 15mm 132mm
HM-THE-10L HM-THE-10R Threaded Eye 5/8 16.5mm 15mm 18mm 162mm
HM-THE-12L HM-THE-12R Threaded Eye 3/4 20mm 18mm 25mm 189mm
HM-THE-14L HM-THE-14R Threaded Eye 7/8 23mm 21mm 25mm 214mm
HM-THE-16L HM-THE-16R Threaded Eye 1 26.5mm 24mm 34mm 240mm