Harken 29mm Carbo AirBlocks

Use Harken's miniature Carbo as a mainsheet block on small dinghies such as an optimist or for low-friction control line blocks on boats of any size.

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The compact 29mm Carbo is extremely strong.

Doubles and triples feature U-Locks to hold the swivel in front/side position or to let it spin freely.

The triples compact cam arm supports high-load purchases of 5:1 or 6:1.

The line shredding cheek block features a small mounting footprint and drain holes.

Use for: Outhauls, Cunninghams, Vangs, traveller controls, barberhaulers and flag halyards.

TypeMax LoadSafe LoadWeightMax Line DiaPart No
Single Fixed454kg150kg23g8mm348
Single Stand-up454kg150kg31g8mm349
Single Swivel454kg150kg26g8mm340
Single Swivel Becket454kg150kg28g8mm341
Double Swivel737kg299kg51g8mm342
Double Swivel Becket737kg299kg54g8mm343
Triple Swivel907kg449kg74g8mm344
Triple Swivel Becket907kg449kg77g8mm345
Triple Cam680kg340kg130g6mm346
Triple Cam Becket816kg408kg133g6mm347
90degree Fixed Head454kg150kg26g8mm352
Clew Block454kg150kg51g8mm371
Double Fixed737kg299kg34g8mm381

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