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Harken 40mm Carbo Fiddle AirBlocks - Swivel

Harken 40mm Carbo Fiddle AirBlocks - Swivel

Use the 40mm Carbo for jib and mainsheet systems on high-performance dinghies

Also for loaded control lines on small keelboats.


More Information

These fiddle blocks are are ideal for mainsheet systems or block and tackles.

Low-friction Carbo AirBlocks from Harken are lightweight, strong, reliable and affordable.

Sideplates of high strength resin are UV stabilised to provide excellent protection against long term exposure to saltwater and sun.

Carbo AirBlocks are 60% stronger and 30% lighter than our classic blocks making them perfect for the smaller diameter lines favoured by racers.

ItemBreak LoadSafe LoadWeightMax Line DiaPart No
Swivel Fiddle 735kg 220kg 51g 10mm 2655
Swivel Fiddle Becket 735kg 220kg 54g 10mm 2656
Swivel Fiddle Cam 735kg 220kg 125g 6mm 2657
Swivel Fiddle Cam Becket 735kg 220kg 128g 6mm 2658