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Harken 75mm Black Magic Blocks

Harken 75mm Black Magic Block - Single - Swivel

Use 75mm Black Magic for sheets, halyards, running backstays and control lines.


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75mm Black Magic AirBlocks feature Torlon roller bearings for strength and reduced wear.

The unique centre cage separates rollers for less friction.

Sideload ball bearings are protected by sculpted aluminium sideplates.

Dissimilar metals are isolated to minimise corrosion.

Low-load blocks use Delrin rollers and 316 type stainless steel shackles.

Like all airBlocks, the three way head swivels and locks in front and side positions.

Blocks are easily dissassembled with a single allen wrench.

The 3195 soft attachment block has a removable dead end post for attachment to a padeye.

Lashings can also be used. Loop is not included.

Use 75mm Black Magic for:

  • Sheets
  • Halyards
  • Running backstays
  • Control lines

Item Break Load Safe Load Max Line Dia Weight
Single swivel 4536kg 2268kg 14 mm 325g
Single swivel becket 4536kg 2268kg 14 mm 351g
Double swivel 6804kg 3402kg 14 mm 728g
Stand-up 4536kg 2268kg 14 mm 440kg
Single Spriddle 4536kg 2268kg 14 mm 452g
Single spriddle becket 4536kg 2268kg 14 mm 476g
Low-load Single Swivel 2722kg 1361kg 14 mm 325g
Single loop 4536kg 2268kg 14 mm 206g
  • Block Size - 75 mm