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Harken 45mm Black Magic Blocks
Harken 45mm Black Magic Block - Single Swivel

Use 45mm Black Magic AirBlocks on offshore boats.


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These strong, lightweight blocks are made from sculpted aluminium, with Torlon rollers and carbon side load ball bearings for strength and UV protection.

Rollers are housed in a unique centre cage and are isolated for less friction.

These blocks feature a 3-way head system and high/low load configurations.

The 3398 soft attachment block has a removable dead end post for attachment to a padeye.

Lashings can also be used. Loop is not included.

45mm Black Magic is suitable for use on:

  • Sheets
  • Halyards
  • Running Backstays
  • Control Lines
Item Break Load Safe Load Max Line Dia Weight Part No
Single Loop 1500kg 750kg 10mm 57g 3389
Double Loop 1500kg 750kg 10mm 103g 3390
Single Swivel 1500kg 750kg 10mm 79g 3391
Single Swivel Becket 1500kg 750kg 10mm 96g 3392
Double Swivel 2200kg 1100kg 10mm 195g 3393
Double Swivel Becket 2200kg 1100kg 10mm 206g 3394
Stand-Up 1500kg 750kg 10mm 3395
Runner 1500kg 750kg 10mm 82g 3396
  • Block Size - 45mm