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Harken 80mm Element Blocks

Harken 80mm Element Single 6290

Supreme Harken Engineering in a Plain Bearing Block

Multifunctional Shackle Head - Fixed in line, at 90 degrees, or full Swivelling mode

Hardworking Design - ideal for high static loads and mainsheet systems

High Load Capacity - Robust Corrosion Resistance - Extended Working Life

Primary sheave diameter 80mm, secondary sheave (on fiddle) 50mm diameter

Side Plates forged into compound curves for enhanced strength and sheave protection

Durable fibre-reinforced composite nylon sheave on a proven journal bearing

Scroll down to the table for maximum line diameters, Harken Working and Breaking Loads


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More Information

The Harken 80mm Sheave Element Plain Bearing Range of Blocks is the culmination of the research, experience, and expertise of the Harken Design Team, resulting in an extremely robust, hardworking pulley block in a contemporary style.

Harken 80mm Element Plain Bearing Blocks Facts, Features and Plus Factors:

  • Hardcoat anodised aluminium side plates forged into compound curves for extra strength
  • Innovative Side Plate Design enhances sheave protection with minimum metal content
  • Proven journal plain bearings
  • Size for size, Element blocks are significantly less expensive than other Harken block ranges
  • The Element range combines Harken quality with value for money
  • Corrosion-resistant, hardcoat anodising aluminium
  • Composite plain bearing sheave delivers durability and reliability for extended working life
  • Corrosion-resistant fibre-reinforced composite parts
  • Shackle Pin Ø =10mm
  • Versatile Shackle Head - Fix in either direction for alignment or in full swivelling mode
  • Harken Cam-Matic performance cleats

Harken Multifunctional Shackle Head Post Illustration:

Harken Multifunctional Head Post

Harken Element Side Plates Features: Illustrations:

Harken Element Side Plates

Harken Element Sheaves are all stamped with the Harken Recommended Maximum Working Load

Harken Maximum Working Load

Harken 80mm Element Plain Bearing Block Configurations and Specifications:

Harken 80mm Element Block Configuration Shackle Pin Ø 
Maximum Line Ø Maximum WL MBL
6221 Single Mastbase for 10mm pin  10mm 16mm 2200kg 4400kg
6290 Single 10mm 16mm 2200kg 4400kg
6291 Single / Becket  10mm 16mm 2200kg 4400kg
6292 Fiddle 10mm 14mm 2200kg 4400kg
6293 Fiddle / Becket  10mm 14mm 2200kg 4400kg
6296 Double 10mm 16mm 2750kg 5500kg
6297 Double / Becket  10mm 16mm 2750kg 5500kg
6280 Single / Stand-up**  10mm 16mm 2200kg 4400kg
6281 Fiddle / Stand-up**  10mm 14mm 2200kg 4400kg
6282 Fiddle / Becket / Stand-up**  10mm 14mm 2200kg 4400kg

Maximum WL = Harken Maximum Safe Working Load

MBL = Harken Manufacturer Break Load

Harken 80mm Element Plain Bearing Foot Block Specifications:

Harken 80mm Element Foot Blocks Fasteners Maximum Line Ø Maximum WL MBL
6294  Single 10mm 16mm 2200kg 4400kg
6295  Single / Lock-off  10mm 16mm 2200kg 4400kg
6298  Double  10mm 16mm 1450kg 2900kg
6299  Single / Lock-off / Left  10mm 16mm 2200kg 4400kg

Harken Element Features

  • Block Size - 80 mm

Harken Element

Harken Element Plain Bearing Blocks Manual

Download (1.31MB)