Holt 20mm Dynamic Blocks

The Holt 20mm dynamic block range offers excellent stainless steel ball race systems for low friction performance.

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The Dynamic bearing system features stainless ball bearings on a stainless axle.

The blocks also feature an open axle for easy line attachment and a full moulded jacket for sheave protection and impact resistance.

The 20mm and 30mm sizes also feature a cold forged pro-strap which gives a rope friendly attachment and greater articulation.

These blocks also have stainless steel cheeks with weight reducing windows.

TypeBreak LoadDynamic LoadMax Line DiaWeightPart No
20mm Single Fixed750kg125kg6mm11.1gHT2020
20mm Single Swivel400kg125kg6mm15.4gHT2020SC
20mm Single Reversible350kg115kg6mm14gHT2021
20mm Single Reversible with Shackle350kg115kg6mm26gHT2021F
20mm Stand-up750kg125kg6mm15.4gHT2020LZ
20mm with hook165kg125kg6mm17.1gHT2021HK
20mm Cheek650kg115kg6mm15.3gHT2026M
20mm Double Fixed650kg200kg6mm31.6gHT2022
20mm Double Fixed with Becket650kg225kg6mm33.5gHT2023
20mm Triple Fixed650kg300kg6mm47.9gHT2024
20mm Triple Fixed with Becket650kg320kg6mm52.9gHT2025
20mm Fixed Back to Back500kg125kg6mm36.2gHT2028
20mm Fiddle Cam750kg140kg10mm52gHT2039-cam

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