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Lewmar DC1 Clutches

Lewmar DC1 Clutch Single
Lewmar DC1 Clutches
Lewmar DC1 Clutches
Lewmar DC1 Clutches
Lewmar DC1 Clutches
Lewmar DC1 Clutches
Lewmar DC1 Clutches

Unique domino grip pattern

Reduced line abrasion

Increased holding power

Controlled release function

Select by upper limit line diameter: 6-8mm, 8-10mm, 10-12mm

Select by number of lines: Single, Double and Triple


More Information

Lewmar DC Clutches feature a unique domino grip technique that utilises a series of rings all connected by a single lever:

The line passes through the series of rings which tilt when the lever is compressed.

This action forces the line to snake through the rings.

When fully compressed the snake provides holding power over the full length of the rings.

The lack of any teeth combined with the spreading of the load significantly reduces line abrasion.

The lever can be released gradually to allow you to feel for the point at which the line will begin to ease. This controlled easing allows the crew to manage drops and hoists in a more stress-free way.

There are three sizes to choose from. 8-10mm, 10-12mm and 12-14mm

Important Lewmar Advisory
When choosing your clutch, be sure to match your line diameter as close as possible to the upper end of the range for maximum holding power.
e.g. for 10mm line diameter, select the 8-10mm DC clutch

Lewmar Line Size MHL WLL Weight Single Weight Double Weight Treble
DC1-6/8 6-8mm 300kg 500kg 0.249kg 0.470kg 0.696kg
DC1-8/10 8-10mm 400kg 500kg 0.249kg 0.470kg 0.696kg
DC1-10/12 10-12mm 500kg 500kg 0.249kg 0.470kg 0.696kg

MHL = Lewmar advisory: Minimum Holding Load

WLL = Lewmar advisory: Working Load Limit

Lewmar DC Clutch Dimensions

Lewmar Height H Length L Width W Line Entry A Line Exit B C D Fixing Points E Fixing Points F
DC1 Single 72mm 126mm 32mm 27mm 29mm 29mm 125mm - 79mm
DC1 Double 72mm 126mm 57.85mm 27mm 29mm 54.85mm 125mm 26mm 79mm
DC1 Treble 72mm 126mm 83.7mm 27mm 29mm 80.7mm 125mm 26mm 79mm