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Ocean Safety Horseshoe Lifebuoy Set
Ocean Safety Horseshoe Lifebuoy Set

Ocean Safety Horseshoe Lifebuoy Set includes an OS soft, flexible horseshoe lifebuoy, Lalizas SOLAS light and Jimmy Green stainless steel fixing bracket


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Ocean Safety Horseshoe Lifebuoy Set:

  • Ocean Safety horseshoe lifebuoy in yellow or white
  • Lalizas SOLAS light
  • Jimmy Green stainless steel fixing bracket

Ocean Safety Lifebuoys are manufactured from a closed cell soft buoyant core, durable coated nylon cover with zip closure and grab lines.

The soft core material results in a more flexible horseshoe.

Lalizas SOLAS approved floating safety light is inversion activated (powered by 4 x D Duracell long life batteries).

Jimmy Green Stainless Steel Lifebuoy Holder, designed by Jimmy Green to fit 25mm stanchions and guardrails including a lifebuoy light housing and clip.

The swivel attachment allows for easy horizontal or vertical mounting.

The stainless steel lower hoop houses the light upside down so that it is ready for deployment.

The handle end of the light is secured with a clip.

The horseshoe sits comfortably on top of the stainless steel bracket, secured by the bungee.

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