100 metre Reel Deal - LIROS Octoplait Nylon

100 Metre Reel Deal - LIROS Octoplait Nylon

Maximum discount on 100 metre reels of LIROS Octoplait White Nylon article 01058

£ 191.40 VAT incl.

£ 290.00


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100 metre Reel Deals provide the best savings for the bulk buyer or trade customer

LIROS Octoplait Nylon can be supplied on 100m reels on all sizes from 10mm to 24mm
N.B. 28mm and 32mm will be supplied in a cardboard box
N.B. these reels may be measured and re-wound from longer lengths in house by Team Jimmy Green

LIROS Octoplait 100% Nylon (Polyamide) article 01058
8 strand construction (2 pairs left hand, 2 pairs right hand) gives a balanced performance and no twist under tension.
Flakes like chain.
Octoplait cannot cockle (unlay itself)
High strength and abrasion resistance.
UV Stable
Retains flexibility throughout working life. 
> 20% working stretch provides excellent shock absorption.

Available in Octoplait White with LIROS tracer yarn - LIROS article 01058

LIROS Break Load: 10mm 2400kg ~ 12mm 3300kg ~ 14mm 4400kg ~ 16mm ~ 5600kg ~ 18mm 7000kg - 20mm 8140kg ~ 24mm 11800kg ~ 28mm 15000kg ~ 32mm 20000kg

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