50 metre cut length - LIROS Braided Dockline Polyester

Reduced Rate per metre

Excellent Mooring Rope

First-rate Handling 

Supplied loose in a sack

Cut to length in house

£ 137.00 inc VAT

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50 metre lengths are available at a reduced rate per metre

N.B. larger diameters are normally supplied as a loose length of rope in a sack rather than in a hank making it much easier to deploy.

LIROS Braided Dockline Polyester is the all round optimum choice for mooring warps.

LIROS Braided Dockline polyester is the popular mooring line for handling:

  • High strength and abrasion resistance.
  • Retains flexibility throughout working life. 
  • >15% working load stretch provides good shock absorption. 
  • LIROS Break Load= 2300kg

Available in:
Black and Navy - LIROS article 00133

LIROS Break Load - 10mm 2300kg, 12mm 2900kg, 14mm 3700kg, 16mm 4900kg, 18mm 5300kg, 20mm 6300kg, 24mm 9600kg

Canvas bags are ideal for storing long lengths of warp.

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