LIROS 8Plait White Polyester

Ideal for mousing halyards, flag and burgee halyards

Radar reflector halyards

Border cord and tying-in twine for netting

Lashing e.g. dodgers, lacing, seizing or large whippings.

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LIROS 8plait plain white polyester on handy spools.

Available in 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm and 5mm diameter

LIROS Polyester Braid Article Number 01040

High strength 100% Polyester 8 plait construction, non spliceable

  • working stretch < 10%
  • will not stiffen up
  • very UV resistant
  • flexible
  • abrasion resistant

Use for e.g.

  • flag halyard rope
  • mousing halyards
  • burgee halyards
  • radar reflector halyards
  • border cord and tying-in twine for netting
  • lashing e.g. dodgers
  • lacing, seizing or large whippings

Manufacturer Break Load:
2.5mm = 130kg, 3mm = 150kg, 4mm = 280kg, 5mm =450kg

N.B. These are manufactured and sold as continuous lengths on a reel or spool but it is advisable to check carefully when mousing your halyards in order to prevent any mishap i.e. losing the end up the mast because of an unforeseen manufacturer's break/join in the line.

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