50 metre Hank Deal - LIROS Classic 3 Strand Polyester

50 metre Hank Deal - LIROS Classic 3 Strand Polyester

LIROS Classic 3 Strand Polyester

N.B. normally supplied as a loose length of rope in a sack rather than in a hank making it much easier to deploy

LIROS Rope Stowage Bags are very handy onboard

£ 31.00 VAT incl.

£ 50.00


LIROS Classic 3 Strand Polyester article 01172 - natural coloured all purpose rope with a  traditional look

Extra Discount on 50 metre Hank Deal - All purpose 3 Strand natural look rope for traditional yachts

Not to be confused or compared with similar ropes developed/manufactured from polypropylene which does not have the same qualities as polyester

Classic 3 Strand Polyester Plus Factors:

100% Spun Polyester
Natural look
Twisted Lay Construction
Very comfortable to handle
Remains supple throughout it's working life
UV stable
Excellent Grip
Durable and wear resistant
Working Load Stretch >15%

The spun yarn twisted lay manufacturing process results in a rope with considerable construction stretch as well as yarn elongation which compensates for the relatively low break load.

3 Strand Classic Polyester is suitable for relatively low load running rigging and mooring warp applications on cruising yachts and dayboats
Stepping up in diameter(s) to a beefier, more comfortable size is recommended 

Diameter  LBL WLS
6mm 350kg >15%
8mm 730kg >15%
10mm 1100kg >15%
12mm 1300kg >15%
14mm 1700kg >15%
16mm 2200kg >15%
18mm 3500kg >15%
20mm 4900kg >15%