50 metre Hank Deal - LIROS Classic Matt Plait Polyester

50 metre Hank Deal - LIROS Classic Matt Plait Polyester

LIROS Classic Matt Plait Polyester - Extra Discount on 50 metre Hank Deal

N.B. normally supplied as a loose length of rope in a sack rather than in a hank making it much easier to deploy

LIROS Rope Stowage Bags are a handy onboard accessory

£ 52.70 VAT incl.

£ 85.00


Extra Discount on 50 metre Hank Deal

Comfortable handling, non kinking, smooth running, allround performer designed specifically for use as sheets and relatively low load control lines on cruising yachts and dayboats

LIROS Classic Matt Plait Polyester (Seastar 00172) 
Cover: 16plait spun 100% polyester cover
Core: Low stretch 100% polyester plaited core

Plus Factors:
Natural Colour, no marker yarns
Comfortable Handling
Smooth Running
Non kink, balanced braiding
LIROS top quality consistency - core and cover in synchronised tension
Long lasting
Wear Resistant
UV Stable
Firm construction that doesn't flatten under load
Stretch at working load <6%

The LIROS manufacturing process produces a balanced braid on braid construction with consistency second to none
LIROS Manufacturing: meticulous attention to exacting standards ~ decades of experience ~ modern factory with state of the art, computer programmed twisting and braiding machinery

Diameter  LBL Max SA WLS
6mm 520kg 10sqm < 6%
8mm 1000kg 20sqm < 6%
10mm 1900kg 30sqm < 6%
12mm 2400kg 40sqm < 6%
14mm 2900kg 60sqm < 6%
16mm 3500kg 70sqm < 6%

LBL = LIROS Break Load
MAX SA = LIROS recommended Maximum Sail Area
WLS = LIROS Working Load Stretch
 < = less than