50 metre cut length - LIROS D-Pro Static

Reduced rate per metre

Wire replacement line with zero creep

12 strand Dyneema DM20 construction

supplied in a hank or loose in a sack

Cut to length in house

£ 94.95 inc VAT

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50 metre cut lengths provide savings for the bulk buyer or trade customer.

N.B. may be supplied as a loose length of rope in a sack rather than in a hank making it much easier to deploy.

Can be supplied re-wound in house onto a LIROS reel by email request.

LIROS D-Pro Static Article 01504 Construction and Specification:

  • 12 strand hollowbraid Dyneema® DM20 with LIROS enhanced lay engineering
  • LIROS Coating System delivers UV stabilisation, improved resilience against fibre fatigue and exceptional wear resistance
  • LIROS HSS Pre-Stretch and Heat-Set System delivers virtually zero elongation
  • LIROS 205 Silver - means a greyish carbon colour
  • Designed and manufactured in the LIROS state of the art rope factory in Germany to the most stringent quality control standards

LIROS D-Pro Static is an innovative synthetic fibre line making composite rigging more accessible to the cruising yachtsman.

For wire replacement, D-Pro Staic must be specified by matching the stretch of the fibre line to the working stretch of the stainless steel wire it will be replacing. 

Fibre rigging will therefore be a larger diameter than the wire it replaces, but it will still save considerable weight onboard and aloft in the rigging.

By matching the stretch factor, the replacement fibre rigging will be anywhere between 2 and 5 times stronger than the stainless steel wire that it replaces.

A synthetic rig should never be specified by matching the breaking strain of the fibre to the wire that it replaces because this will result in too much stretch.

LIROS D-Pro Static Facts and Features:

  • DM20 = Dyneema® with no creep - creep resistance increased by a factor of at least 100
  • Combines the strength/weight advantages of Dyneema®SK78 with outstanding creep resistance.
  • Highest strength/weight ratio of all high performance fibres
  • Excellent fatigue and chemical resistance
  • Excellent abrasion and UV resistance due to PU impregnation - LIROS Coating System
  • Spliceable
  • Ideal for permanent loads in demanding conditions
  • Suitable for any application where dimensional stability is critical e.g. outhaul, backstay, dinghy shrouds
  • Use for static lines in industrial or other water sport applications
D-Pro Static Ø LBLWeight per metreWLS
3mm900kg5gm< 1%
4mm1230kg7gm< 1%
5mm2450kg13gm< 1%
6mm4050kg23gm< 1%
8mm5000kg35gm< 1%
10mm8500kg60gm< 1%
12mm11300kg72gm< 1%

LBL = LIROS Break Load
WLS = LIROS stated Stretch at Working Load

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