LIROS Dynasoft - 5mm


LIROS DynaSoft Article 02055 Regatta Performance Sheet for Dinghies and Keelboats

Cover: Dyneema /Top Grip Polyester, Blended 8plait Construction
Core: Lightweight, zero water absorption Polypropylene


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Total Weight: kg

Total Length: m

LIROS DynaSoft Article 02055 Regatta Performance Sheet for Dinghies and Keelboats

Cover: Low stretch light weight Dyneema SK78 / Top Grip Abrasion Resistant Polyester, Blended 8plait flexible Construction
Core: Plaited, Lightweight, zero water absorption Polypropylene

Diameters and Colour:
5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm in LIROS colour 504 Grey / Turquoise

Dynasoft Plus Factors:
Hard working grippy sheet
Excellent Handling
Flexible 8plait construction reduces tangling issues
LIROS Heat-Stretch-System for lowest stretch <2% at working load
Not recommended for high load winching

Diameter LBL WLS
5mm 850kg < 2%
6mm 1200kg < 2%
8mm 200kg < 2%
10mm 2700kg < 2%

LBL = LIROS Break Load
WLS = Stretch under Working Load

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