LIROS 5mm Magic XTR


LIROS Magic XTR article 01503 - the Ultimate Line for top performance in dinghies, keelboats and small cruisers

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LIROS Magic XTR article 01503

Ultimate halyard and control line performance. LIROS Magic XTR offers exceptional abrasion resistance with a Dyneema and Technora blended cover. Ideal for those high wear areas in cleats and at the tip of the mast. A Heat stretched Dyneema SK78 core provides the high strength and low stretch required to maintain sail shape when depowering in heavy air sailing.

Cover: 16/24plait Technora and Dyneema Blend
Core: Colour Matching Dyneema® SK78, LIROS Heat-Stretch-System, LIROS XTR Protective Grip-Coating delivers less than 1% extension at working load

Magic XTR:
Superior high grip, durable cover for long lasting handling
UV and Abrasion resistant
Excellent holding power in cleats
Excellent heat resistance and firm round shape retention around winches
Smooth running through sheaves and blocks
Super low stretch
High Breaking Load
Light weight
Designed and manufactured for cover stripping and tapering for elite weight saving performance

4mm620kg< 1%
5mm1250kg< 1%
6mm1600kg< 1%

LBL = LIROS Break Load
WLS = stretch at working load

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