50 metre cut length - LIROS Octoplait Polyester

Reduced Rate per metre

Excellent Mooring Rope

First-rate Anchoring Rope

Flexible, flakes like chain

Supplied loose in a sack

Cut to length in house

£ 154.00 inc VAT

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50 metre cut lengths provide savings for the bulk buyer or trade customer.

N.B. normally supplied as a loose length of rope in a sack rather than in a hank making it much easier to deploy.

Can be supplied re-wound in house onto a LIROS reel by email request.

LIROS Octoplait Polyester is an excellent Mooring and Anchoring Warp:

LIROS Octoplait Polyester Article 01047 White, 01049 Navy or Black - 8 strand balanced square braid construction (2 pairs left hand, 2 pairs right hand) - symmetrical manufacture delivers no twist under tension.

  • Flakes like chain
  • Manufactured from 100% polyester
  • LIROS Octoplait won't cockle
  • Smooth and comfortable to handle
  • Good strength and abrasion resistance
  • Retains flexibility throughout working life
  • > 15% working load stretch provides excellent shock absorption

LIROS Break Load: 10mm 2000kg ~ 12mm 2400kg ~ 14mm 3800kg ~ 16mm ~ 4700kg ~ 18mm 5800kg - 20mm 7600kg ~ 24mm 11600kg

Available 10mm - 24mm in White, Navy and Black - LIROS article 01047/01049

Canvas bags are ideal for storing long lengths of warp.

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