100 metre Reel - LIROS 8Plait Floating Safety Rope

Minimum rate per metre

Excellent Visibility

Optimum floating flexibility

Cut to length in house

Wound on a plastic LIROS reel

£ 70.00 inc VAT

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100 metre Reel  LIROS flexible 8 Plait, spin-dyed, UV stabilised, multifilament polypropylene

100 metre Reel provide the best savings for the bulk buyer or trade customer

LIROS 8 Plait Multifilament Polypropylene can be supplied on 100m reels on sizes 5mm, 6mm and 8mm
N.B. these reels are measured and re-wound from bigger reels in house by Team Jimmy Green
LIROS Nautic Article number 01072YR

Ifor throw lines and safety rope applications

The 8 plait construction is not spliceable but loops can be secured in the end of the rope with a stitch and whip finish

  • LIROS article number 01072, Nautic
  • Manufactured especially for Jimmy Green in yellow with red fleck
  • Working Load Stretch < 12%
  • Flexible
  • Very light
  • Comfortable to handle
  • Floats
  • UV-stabilised

5mm LIROS Break Load 390kg
6mm LIROS Break Load 550kg
8mm LIROS Break Load 900kg

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